Community Service

Rutherford County Sheriff's Office Community Services Unit promotes public awareness for the Sheriff's Office. One of the programs of this unit is the Sheriff's Citizens' Academy which offers civilians an insider's view of how the Sheriff's Office works. The Community Services Unit also heads up the Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs, which help citizens and business owners unite to prevent crime. Other proactive programs include the Senior Citizens Awareness Network for senior citizens, the Law Enforcement Explorer Post #106 for teens and young adults to learn about law enforcement, child fingerprinting and many other special projects.

For more information, contact:
Sergeant Gary Herron
(615) 904-3019


 Sheriff's Citizen Academy

The Sheriff's Citizen Academy provides an opportunity for citizens to learn first-hand about the operations of the Sheriff's Office through a series of lectures, field trips and simulated activities. Citizens meet for three hours one night a week for 10 weeks. At the end of the academy, a graduation ceremony will take place. Many graduates join the Alumni Association and serve as volunteers for Sheriff's Office events.

 Sheriff's Citizen Academy Alumni Association

After graduation from the Sheriff's Citizen Academy, citizens may join the Alumni Association. The Alumni hold meetings with guest speakers each month at the Sheriff's Office. The Alumni was organized to support the employees of the Sheriff's Office. The Alumni hosts a number of events for the employees and provides meals for employees working during on holidays.

The Senior Citizens Awareness Network (SCAN) (615) 904-3139
The Senior Citizens Awareness Network is comprised of Sheriff's Office volunteers serving the needs of citizens over age 55 for health and safety needs. Some of the services include checking for safety such as smoke detectors, visiting at home, connecting the seniors to community services and delivering food.

 Neighborhood Watch

The Community Services Unit helps citizens organize Neighborhood Watch in their communities to prevent crime and report suspicious activities.

 Child I.D.

Child I.D. ensures the safety of children by deputies fingerprinting children for identification purposes. The Sheriff’s Office does not keep a record of these fingerprints but provides the records to the parents. The fingerprints can be to identify the child in cases of abducted or missing children in the future. Parents are encouraged to store the card in a safe location.

 Tour of Sheriff's Office

Throughout the year, tours are given of the Sheriff's Office and Detention Center. Tours may consist of a church, civil or school group. There is an age requirement, so please contact the Community Service Unit to set-up your group tour.

 Public Safety Cadets

The mission of the Public Safety Cadets is to mentor young adults (14-21 years of age) to serve their communities by providing knowledge, skills and practical experiences through education and training delivered by public safety professionals that build character, physical fitness, and respect for the rule of the law and human and civil rights.  The vision statement of the organization is: "Preparing young adults for careers and leadership in the public safety profession."

For more information on this partnered program click to visit the Public Safety Cadets website.

Rutherford County Public Safety Cates currently meet every Thursday from 5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  If interested in joining a meeting please contact: