Sheriff's Office - Criminal Warrants

(615) 904-3030

The Criminal Warrants Division is comprised of deputies whose main objective is to serve outstanding, active, criminal warrants. These deputies are responsible for investigating and apprehending wanted people.

This division assists numerous law enforcement agencies inside and outside the county. Multi-agency collaboration is imperative to the success of the division.

Anyone who has information about the location of an individual wanted by the Sheriff’s Office is asked to call the Criminal Warrants Fugitive Tip Line at (615) 904-3030. Information needed for the tip line is the exact address where the person is located, a description of their vehicle with the license plate number, the time the suspect will be at the location and the presence of any children, large animals, weapons or drugs.

A caller may leave their name and contact information and it will be kept confidential.

The Warrants Division staff keeps arrest warrants obtained by officers to serve on suspects in criminal cases. Arrest warrants are not public information until the warrant has been served on the suspect.

Information about criminal warrants will not be given out over the telephone. If you believe you have a warrant, please bring identification to the Warrants lobby and the staff will check for you.