Patrol Division


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For calls for assistance:

  • Emergency: 911
  • Non-emergency: Dispatch: (615) 898-7770
  • Patrol Major Steve Spence: (615) 904-3062
  • Patrol Capt. Chris Haynes: (615) 904-3063


Patrol Cars Parked


The Patrol Unit is the most visible division of Sheriff's Office. Patrol deputies follow the Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Their primary goal is to protect lives and property and to enforce laws. Highly-trained deputies cover the 626-square miles of Rutherford County. Each patrol deputy is assigned one of the 10 zones throughout the county. From diffusing domestic altercations to disaster response, deputies are prepared for any situation.


  • Patrol to preserve order and prevent and discover crimes.
  • Enforce traffic laws and investigate non-injury or minor injury traffic crashes.
  • Respond to calls for assistance.
  • Render aid to victims through Automatic Electronic Defibrillators, CPR and First Aid.
  • Conduct investigations, protect crime scenes and prepare written reports.
  • Make arrests, transport prisoners and attend all court proceedings.
  • Respond to various community needs such as prevention, education and victim assistance.
  • Serve state and civil warrants.

The K-9 Unit pairs a deputy and a trained dog that is comparable to having another deputy. The K-9 serves as a partner to assist with locating illegal drugs and apprehending criminal suspects. The unit consists of six dual-purpose dogs and a bloodhound assigned to search and rescue missing children and adults. The unit helps with special events at schools and businesses.

The Mounted Patrol Unit consists of deputies paired with six Percheron horses. Deputies and horses undergo rigorous training, allowing them to handle diverse situations. The teams search for missing children and adults, provide crowd control at high school football games and community events and patrol in neighborhoods. All the horses were donated. The program is also funded by donated fee and hay and other contributions.

 Specialized units

  • SWAT Team responds to dangerous situations such as hostage situations, barricaded subjects, event security, active shooter situations, high-risk warrants service and unique tactical situations that may arise. SWAT members are highly-trained, highly motivated, professional group of individuals who routinely work in high-stress environments.
  • The Crisis Negotiations Unit is a team of highly-trained deputies who dedicate their time diffusing the tension of dangerous situations by verbal communication and using special negotiating techniques.
  • Negotiators attempt to talk individuals out of creating or maintaining a dangerous situation. Negotiators may use their skills to stop people from harming themselves or others or to release hostages. Members may negotiate with barricaded suspects and convince them to turn themselves in. The Crisis Negotiations Unit is on call 24 hours a day. They work closely with other tactical units.