Kevin Henderson, Deputy Chief of Adult Detention Center

Deputy Chief Kevin Henderson started his role at the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center November 1, 2021.  He served 30 years at the Shelby County Sheriff's Office and Division of Corrections.  He rose through the ranks to be captain.  He recently retired as chief of security with the Division of Corrections.

As chief of security, Henderson handled security issues for inmates, staff, maintenance, meal service and transportation.  He supervised about 400 employees at two corrections facilities.

"During my tenure, we became a fiscally solid system.  First and foremost I am a servant of the taxpayers," Henderson said.  He strives to get the best out of the staff.  "I'm a culture changer," said Henderson adding he is a team builder and very inclusive.  " I am a stickler for order and I like for things to be done right."

Deputy Chief Henderson is a 25-year veteran.  He served in the Iraq war during six years of active duty, four years with the U.S. Navy and two years with the Air National Guard.  He served as a U.S. Marines medic.  He remained in the Army National Guard.