Narcotics Division

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The Special Enforcement Bureau’s Narcotics Unit is comprised of specially trained detectives and deputies tasked to conduct long-term and short-term investigations with the goal of suppressing and deterring organized crime, narcotics-related crimes and vice-related activities within Rutherford County.

The unit prevents, investigates and suppresses criminal activity by using proven and innovative methods.

Drug operations consist of covert surveillance, intelligence gathering, use of informants, and the preparation and execution of search warrants.

Most narcotics-related investigations require extensive man-hours to complete; therefore, it may take several weeks or even months to develop enough evidence to arrest, to successfully prosecute, and to effectively shut down a known drug or vice operation.

 Tips or Leads

If you have tips or leads to pass on to our Narcotics Unit, either anonymously or otherwise, please call (615) 895-3609 or email and provide the information below:

  • Address of street name and number.
  • A description of the activity that is taking place.
  • What types of drugs you believe is involved in this activity.
  • Whether there are children in the home or around the activity.
  • A description of any vehicles involved, including possible license plate information.
  • Known names and descriptions of the people involved.
  • Time of day the activity was observed most often.
  • If there are any guns or other weapons that have been seen or discussed about being at the address.

Also, we are working on an Online Submittal process to make it easier for you to provide information to us. Please check back!

NOTE: Please do not put yourself into a situation obtaining any information unless you personally feel it is safe to do so.