Triad +1

The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office Youth Intervention Division strongly embraces the concept of the triad plus one concept. This concept finds three primary areas to engage and encourage youth, all based on the plus one role model. An effective SRO is always the role model when conducting their job. Role modeling is displayed in language, behaviors, conduct, and motives. In building relationships, role modeling is done with respect and befriending. The triad duties are: law enforcement, informal counseling, and teaching.

 Law Enforcement

This is the primary function. The SRO is the peacekeeper, law enforcement officer, and protector of his or her school. The SRO will be the law enforcement officer most well known and most available to most of the students, staff, and many parents. The law enforcement role differs from patrol in that the SRO has a daily relationship with the citizens and one that continues after each encounter.
Security and safety within the school are other concerns of the SRO's. They evaluate situations and make recommendations to school administrators in reference to safety issues in the schools. The mere presence of an officer helps deter unwanted persons from frequenting campuses.


Students are encouraged to seek the personalized attention of SRO's. Each officer is specially trained to conduct informal, individual or group discussions. SRO's are available for conferences with students, parents and faculty members regarding law-related problems and crime prevention techniques. SRO's are familiar with various social services and local community resources that are available for referral.


SRO's visit classrooms to make presentations of a law-related nature such as Drug Education, Police: Their Role in Society, the History of Law Enforcement and other related topics. SRO's are also available as a resource for teachers in developing specialty programs tailored to specific units of study, court procedures, citizenship, self-esteem, forensic science, etc. Through classroom instruction, students gain a better understanding of the police and the importance of laws to a society.